An elegant, architectural chimneypiece in statuary marble, after Sir John Soane. A refined and characterful statuary marble fireplace of strong architectural design, after Sir John Soane. The piece is cleverly decorated with a design of simple open concave finger flutes and stopped, rounded, raised, convex flutes in geometric pattern, creating pleasingly diversified hues of light and shade in the plain white marble. The frieze with a central rectangular tablet, decorated with a framed border of raised incised flutes, is flanked by side panels with bands of convex flutes. The pilaster jambs with ribbed convex fluting flank the opening, which is framed with a continuous band of flutes. The whole raised on foot blocks. 

Height 60 5⁄8 in (154cm) width 73 5⁄8 in (187cm)
Internal height 45 1⁄4 in (115cm) width 46 1⁄2 in (118cm)
Footblock to footblock 68 1⁄8 in (173cm)
Depth 6 in (15cm)